EXORA Video Productions

The creation of two experienced video journalists based in Italy, Exora Video Productions specialize in producing video for television and web.


We provide:

- documentaries and documentary-style promotional videos

- location scouting, production, organisation, and logistics services


We offer:

- camera rental (Full HD/4K camera)

- crew rental (Full HD/4K camera)

- editing and post production services


Exora Video Productions work for clients throughout Italy and Europe. We work fast and our prices are

highly competitive.

We produce videos English, German Italian and Dutch, and can put videos into any language you like.

We can produce videos of all lengths, documentaries, business presentations, corporate events and all the

video you need for your website or for television.


If you need assistance with a video project, email Angelo van Schaik in Rome.

You can also call Angelo van Schaik on +39 328 4057635


Angelo van Schaik (Rome)                                                                                         

NOS Television/VPRO Radio      

 +39 328 4057635                                                                                                                



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